Former Chief Executive reaches 50 blood donations

LOCAL man, Robert Gilmore, has reached the big 50!

This is, he has donated blood for the 50th time after he recently attended a blood donation session held in the Methodist Church Hall in Banbridge.

Following his donation he was awarded a gold badge in recognition of his tremendous achievement. Mr Gilmore is a retired Chief Executive of Banbridge District Council and current member of the Health & Social Care Board.

Charles Kinney, Donor Services General Manager for the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service commented, “What Robert has achieved by being a regular blood donor is truly amazing. He has saved many lives and people are alive today because of his efforts.”

Mr Kinney added, “Robert will be returning to donate blood again at the Method Church Hall in Banbridge on Monday 22 August, and he is appealing to anyone who has not yet donated, or maybe those who may not have donated for a while, to come along to this session which runs from 1.30–4pm and 5.15–8pm.”

In Northern Ireland around 500 people receive blood each and every week and every time Mr Gilmore gives blood his donation could help up to three patients in our hospitals.

Anyone wishing to follow his example can enrol to save lives by texting the word Blood to 60081, calling 0500 534 666 or visiting