Falls prevention directory launched

The Southern Trust has developed and launched a new online Falls Prevention Directory.

The directory is primarily aimed at older people, although relatives and those with a caring responsibility for an older person will also find it a useful source of information.

The directory has been created to raise awareness of the most common falls risks factors, and to highlight the measures that people can take to reduce their risk of having a fall. It provides information on services provided by the Trust and other organisations that can help if someone has had a fall or is concerned about falling. The Directory also has a dedicated section for professionals who provide services for older clients or service users and these groups are also encouraged to use it.

Nina Daly, Accident Prevention Officer, Southern Trust explained: “Research from AgeUK shows that on average three out of every four falls go unreported. There is also substantial evidence which shows that an individual who has fallen has an increased risk of falling again if they do not take any steps to reduce their risk.

“Falls are increasing at 2% per year and represent the most common cause of admission to hospital in those aged over 65 years. Northern Ireland has a growing older people’s population so it is vital that we have a way of communicating with older people and those caring for them about the issue of falls.”

This online directory will be updated regularly and will provide links to relevant information from external websites content to include video clips, booklets and publications, campaigns, tools and contact details all relevant to falls prevention and health and wellbeing.

You can download the directory from www.southerntrust.hscni.net/falls or for further information contact the Promoting Wellbeing Team, SHSCT on 028 3834 4973 or email Nina.daly@southerntrust.hscni.net.