Carbon Monoxide alarms provided for young carer leavers

CARBON monoxide (co) alarms are being provided by the Southern Health Trust to young carer leavers in partnership with its Taske Project.

Taske is a personal development programme for young care experienced adults to help them to gain skills and experience to increase their chances of employment and training and to live independently.

Nina Daly, Accident Prevention Officer for the Southern Trust explains: “Each year there are a number of cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in Northern Ireland and unfortunately within the past few years carbon monoxide gas has claimed the lives of several people. Carbon monoxide is sometimes known as the silent killer as it has no taste, colour or odour and can only be detected by a carbon monoxide alarm.

“This scheme aims to raise awareness of this issue amongst young people who are moving on to live independently and to give them information and advice on reducing the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.”

As well as having a working co alarm it is important to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning for example, feeling sick, dizziness, feeling tired and confused or shortness of breath.

It is also important to have any fuel burning appliances professionally serviced, keep flues and chimneys clear and have good ventilation in your home.

Roisin McAliskey, Taske Project Worker added: “We try to give our young care leavers as much support and advice as we can in preparing them for all aspects of independent life. We hope that these devices together with information on carbon monoxide poisoning will help our young people to protect themselves in their new homes.”

The Trust has hosted ten workshops this year to raise awareness of carbon monoxide. 230 people attended the event including Trust staff and representatives from the community and voluntary sector.