Baby infection rate is being monitored

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News from - call us with your stories on 406 62745

The Public Health Agency has moved to reassure parents of newborns in the Southern Trust area, following the news that some babies in Craigavon neonatal unit had last week been confirmed to have the Pseudomans virus on their skin.

A spokesperson said, “The PHA continues to work closely with the Belfast Trust on its outbreak investigation as well as providing infection prevention advice.

“The Public Health Agency has also published a leaflet on preventing infections caused by Pseudomonas - Parent/Carer Information, a leaflet on Screening patients for Pseudomonas - Parent/Carer Information and a Pseudomonas Fact Sheet.”

Upper Bann MP David Simpson, said he has kept a close eye on developments from the start.

“Ever since the news first broke of the tragic infant deaths at the Royal Victoria Hospital I have been in regular contact with the Southern Trust regarding the situation across its hospital units,” he said. “I am keen to ensure that the parents of newborn babies or parents of vulnerable infants are not placed in a position where there is any increased level of risk or there is any lingering fear of an increased risk to babies who are particularly susceptible to infection.

“It is vital at this time that nobody is deterred from placing a baby into the care of either of the hospitals within the Southern Trust. The standard of care they will receive there is second to none and babies are far safer receiving that kind of dedicated expert care than if any parent allowed fear to prevent them from taking the appropriate steps.

“I will continue to maintain ongoing contact with the Trust on what is a very sad situation and a great personal family tragedy for those who have lost a little one in other parts of Northern Ireland.”