Have a great day, Mum!

ANGELA Graham - “Happy Mother’s Day to Joanie Branker, who is one in a million and has been a great mother and grandmother who we all love a lot. From Angela, Stephen, Sophie and Rebecca xx”

Sunday, 10th March 2013, 8:00 am

Emma McKillion - “I would like to wish my mummy Linda a very happy Mother’s Day. She is the best and most kind person I know and I love her very much xx”

Alison Blakely - “I would like to wish my mum, Sandra Wright, a happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything you have done for all us. From Alison, Emma Blakely, Beccca Maxwell and William Maxwell. Lots of love xx”

Ruth Whiteside - “I would love to take this chance to thank my fabulous mother for being there for me every time that I have ever asked and all the times I didn’t have to ask, which have been many believe me!! And I would like to say sorry that I am not there now for her when she may need me, as we are now 10,000 miles or more apart. I love and miss you desperately Mummy and can’t wait to see you again....which will be very soon I hope. Love from Ruth, Ted, Erin and Michael. Big hugs and kisses! XO”

Charlene Mooney - “To Aine Mooney - a mummy who never stops worrying about us! Thank you for all you do! We love you forever, from Charlene, Victoria , Jonathon and Paul xoxo”

Charlene Little - “Wishing my mum, Sadie Woods, a wonderful Mother’s Day!! An inspirational woman who is always putting others first and tries to please everyone despite her own health issues. She never complains and just pushes on. Love her so much and always will - from daughter Charlene, David and grandkids. X”

Kyle Scott - “Happy Mother’s Day to my mum Jeanette - hope you enjoy your new bathroom! Thanks for being there for us - love Kyle and Michael.”

Gillian Kerwick - “To my amazing mum Dorothy Kerwick, I just want to say a big thanks for everything you have done for us this past year - I would be lost without you. I couldnt ask for a better mum, you’re the best! Love you loads from Gillian, Conan and Brógan xxx”

Tina Gartland - “I would like to wish my mum Ruth Moore happy Mother’s Day and thank her for everything she does for us. Love from Tina and Eva x”

Sandra Mawhinney Gourley - “I would like to wish my mum Eleanor Hamilton a wonderful Mother’s Day and to thank her for minding the grandkids to allow me to study!”

Aaron Smyth - “I would like to wish my mum Allison Smyth an amazing Mother’s day and thank her for everything she does for our family. She’s one in a million and I couldn’t ask for a better mum. Aaron x”

Janine Stacey McConaghy - “Wishing my mummy (Beth McConaghy) a happy Mother’s Day. She really is one in a million and no matter what she’s going through - she is always there for us. She is a true inspiration. I can only hope to be half the woman she is some day. Such a strong beautiful woman. Love you mummy xx”

Heather McKnight - “I want to wish my mum a very happy Mother’s Day. Thank you so much for helping us over this last year, giving up your peace and quiet to let my family save for our very own home, you our my world and I love you so much. Your beautiful grandson also loves his nanny alot, she makes the best cakes and sausage rolls . All our love Heather Gary and Tiernan xxx

Michelle Pritchard - “Wishing my mum Jacqueline Pritchard, a happy Mother’s Day. I honestly don’t know wat our whole family would do without her. A true, loving, caring lady. A fantastic mammy and best nanny ever. Love Michelle, David and Jaxson Smylie. Xxx”