Has Ulster Unionist Doug Beattie reached the quota?

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Confusion at the latest count of Ulster Unionist Doug Beattie’s votes has baffled the media as well as candidates in Upper Bann.

With 4454 votes at the latest count - Number 10 - staff at the Banbridge counting centre are still scrutinising his vote.

Mr Beattie is not at the count today as he is attending the funeral of his 15-month-old grandson Cameron Tindale.

Dolores Kelly is standing with 5,237 votes, John O’Dowd with 5,468 and Catherine Seeley at 6,439.

All are eager to see if Doug Beattie reaches the quota.

If he is elected his transfers are unlikely to go to Sinn Fein, however the question is will Dolores Kelly receive enough to bring her up above the quota which is 6,527.

It is still touch and go for the remaining candidates at a nail-biting finish in Upper Bann.