Guiding Star are in the pink

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Members of the Downshire Guiding Star Flute Band certainly did it their way on while on parade in Londonderry for the Annual Apprentice Boys Relief of Derry parade.

The band decided to adopt pink as their official colour for the day as they set about raising money for Breast Cancer.

Band Chairman Keith Hamilton explained: “It all came about at a committee meeting when one of the lads suggested that the bass drummers should wear pink t-shirts and we could have a whip round on the bus and raise maybe £150-£200 for charity”

However nothing could have prepared the band for what happened next as thanks to a public media page their campaign literally went global.

Mr Hamilton continued “We launched it on the bands Facebook page the Monday before Derry Day basically to give folks watching the parade an indication as to what we were planning and before we knew it the support was coming in from all over the world at the last check over 16,000 people saw the post, one man from Ohio USA has even pledged £50 for one of the bass drummers t-shirts, the entire band was overwhelmed by the generosity shown and although money is still coming in we have collected over £2000 so far. ”

The band would like to thank all those people who have donated money especially other bands throughout the province who have really got behind the idea.