Great news as Amy (17) returns home

Amy Uprichard at home with her dog Misty.
Amy Uprichard at home with her dog Misty.

Banbridge Academy pupil Amy Uprichard received great news last week when she was told she could leave hospital following

chemotherapy treatment.

The 17-year-old’s cheerful optimistim as she battles leukaemia has warmed hearts among locals, who will be delighted to hear she’s enjoying fresh air and home comforts after 30 days in hospital.

“My counts hit 0.5 so I was allowed out,” said Amy.

“It’s great to finally get some fresh air and it’s so nice to stay in the house with my family in a relaxing environment.

“All being well I’ll get the bone marrow test next week.

“They have to check that all the cancer is gone then I can get the transplant pretty much straight away.”

Amy’s donor will be her younger sister Gemma (12).

“She got a big list of what she wants in return,” joked Amy.

“But seriously, she thinks it’s great that she can help me.”

Of her stay in hospital she said: “It’s not that bad.

“It can get a bit boring I suppose, but most of the time I’ve plenty to keep myself amused.”

Amy, a promising ballet dancer, added: “I could dance around a good bit in my hospital room and watch a lot of movies.

“With school starting back this week I’m going to try and start some school work.

“Unfortunately there are no more dance competitions at the minute, but I’ll be heading back to ballet next week.

“I’m having a ball being bald and trying out different styles with my wig and turbans.

“Everything that’s happened to me has been an experience and I’ll be taking good memories from it.”

When asked how she’s managed to maintain a brave face and a positive outlook, Amy said: “It’s just me I suppose. I’ve always been quite a determined person.

“My mum would be very positive so I must take after her.”