Grand Master visits Dromore

The Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ireland

recently honoured Dromore with a visit.

Worshipful Brother Edward Stevenson attended Droore Orange Hall for the installation of officers by Lower Iveagh District LOL No 1.

A spokesman said, “A packed room was enthralled as the Grand Master communicated a learned resume of the status of Orangeism at the present time.

“The installation of Officers was carried out by the County Grand Master, Bro Victor Harrison, assisted by the Deputy County Grand Master, Bro Sam Walker and the Grand Master himself.”

The new District Master, Bro John Wallace, was installed and welcomed.

Bro Ian Ward was installed as Deputy District Master.

Other Officers installed included Bros Robert Murphy and Robin Ward (Chaplains), Bro F Wallace (Secretary) and Bro Harold Graham (treasurer).

The spokesman said, “During the installation great praise was showered on the past District Master, Bro Maurice Coburn, for the sterling work carried out and the leadership shown during his three fruitful years in office.

“The Grand Master presented Bro Coburn with a Past District Master’s Collarette and jewel as a memento of his time in office.”

Lower Iveagh District LOL No 1 is now said to be looking forward to a progressive and successful period of growth, under the “skilled leadership” of Bro John Wallace, as it plans and prepares for the Twelfth, to be held in Dromore in 2016.

Following the installation meeting, many brethren, including a number of visitors, enjoyed dinner.