Going to new lengths in aid of charity

THIS week sees the launch of a fundraising event in which a Dromore salon will go to new lengths in aid of charity.

Throughout the rest of this month, Philippa Banks of the ‘Public Image’ salon in Church Street is extending an invitation to clients, old and new, to support an event with the aim of raising both awareness of, and funds to help combat, breast cancer.

A newly trained Philippa is giving up her time and expertise to offer a rainbow range of real-hair extensions, with fully 80% of the £5-£8 fee bound for the battle against breast cancer.

She explained, “I have just completed my training in hair extensions by the well-known company Racoon and wanted to do something using my skills to raise money for a charity that is close to my heart.

“We will be doing red, purple and navy-coloured real-hair extensions of the highest quality, supplied by Racoon; this will be charged at £5 for one single hair extension or £8 for two.”

Initially, Philippa announced that 50% of the takings would go to charity, the remainder covering the cost of the hair and bonding; there would be no service charge, as she was giving her time for free.

However, Racoon International have since weighed in behind the charity event with a donation of their own, thereby upping the amount of cash earmarked for breast cancer research.

Said Philippa, “We have been advised by Racoon International that they are generously donating 50gms of hair extensions for free.

“This will increase our donation percentage to 80% of the money collected; we are only having to pay for another 25gms and the bonding materials to meet the anticipated demand.”

The fundraising event at Public Image, 16 Church Street, Dromore, will run until the end of October and include Halloween.

The salon can be contacted on 028 9269 3634 and will also be operating a drop-in service, which may, Philippa advised, entail a short wait.