Gilford residents discussion

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The Gilford Concerned Residents Group (GCRG) recently met with an official from Roads Service in a bid to have road safety and traffic concerns addressed.

Residents from the Whinney Hill area together with Sydney Anderson MLA and Councillor Johnny Buckley were also present.

A spokesperson for the GCRG said: “The residents outlined the daily challenges and fears experienced as a result of speeding traffic on Whinney Hill. That coupled with inadequate parking space for residents presents real risks in terms of potential accidents, injury or indeed fatalities as parents with young children experience difficulty and danger getting their kids into and out of parked vehicles whilst cars and lorries speed past them at very close proximity.”

After outlining their concerns the group were told there is no immediate prospect of work being carried out.

GCRG will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, November 4 at 7.30pm in Gilford Community Centre. There will be an opportunity for residents to put forward views, concerns and ideas on issues relating to Gilford. The aim is to make a difference in Gilford.