IS this the moment the alleged ghost of the Downshire Arms Hotel was caught on camera?

Two girls enjoying a night out at the local 'haunt' may have got more than they bargained for when taking a fun snap in the ladies' loos.

For it appears that they are not the only ones in the picture.

Look closely just below the right arm of the girl taking the photograph and what appears to be a ghostly face can be seen.

The picture on the right is a close-up of the face and we have circled it to show you exactly where to look.

The picture has been doing the rounds via text recently and so far opinion has been divided as to whether the Downshire ghost has been snapped or whether someone is having some Halloween fun.

Always determined to get to the bottom of things the Leader sent the pictures to our friends at the Northern Ireland Paranormal Society for further scrutiny.

But despite a detailed investigation the experts have so far failed to make a final decision about what's in the picture.

"At this minute we are not prepared to say there is paranormal activity in the picture," said NIPS spokesman Darren Ansell. "But we are also not in a position to rule it out.

"In this digital age people can manipulate photos and we have been able to re-create something similar to this picture ourselves.

"But we would need to do a full investigation at the Downshire to make a more informed conclusion and that is something we would love to do."

Downshire owner James Heslip however is confident the only spirits in his hotel are behind the bar.

"I've never seen anything in the hotel and as for the toilets they have only been there for eight years so I don't understand how a ghost could have taken up residence so soon."

Meanwhile, if you spot any ghostly going-ons at the Downshire this Friday night don't be alarmed. It probably won't be the hotel's famous ghost (or will it?)

The Downshire is holding a fancy dress Halloween party. There will be food and music in the bar and everyone is welcome to attend - both living and dead!