Get home safely this Christmas

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AS the Christmas party season gets underway, police in Banbridge are urging local revellers to celebrate sensibly and get home safely.

This is supposed to be a happy time of the year, but unfortunately at times overindulgence in alcohol has led to a trip to hospital to have an assault injury treated, or, in some other cases, a night in the cells for the perpetrators of assaults.

Banbridge Area Commander, Chief Inspector Ken Mawhinney said: “We do not want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment during a night out, but we are asking people to think ahead and plan how to get home with just as much care as they put into planning where to go and what to wear.

“There is a clear message; don’t mess up your life with a moment of madness - a quick scuffle outside a pub might not seem much at the time, but end up in court and get a criminal record, and it won’t be worth it.”

People out for the night should get a lift home with a friend or family member, a non-drinking driver or a licensed taxi driver.

He added: “People who have drunk too much can often get separated from their friends and become vulnerable when isolated and less aware of their surroundings.

“And it is not just the victims of drink-fuelled assault who can suffer. People who walk the roads and streets after having had too much to drink stand a much greater chance of being killed or injured.

“Take care of your friends - stay together and don’t let someone who is drunk walk home alone.”