Game of Thrones filming is causing a stir at Corbet

Game of Thrones filming at The Corbet INBL Game of thrones.
Game of Thrones filming at The Corbet INBL Game of thrones.

The Game of Thrones filming taking place at the Corbet has been causing a bit of a stir with local residents, with road closures and heavier footfall in the area being among their main concerns.

Some Corbet residents have been in touch with the Leader after roads they use were closed, apparently to prevent anyone from grabbing a peek at the filming.

Producers and crew are being secretive over the Game of Thrones set as they seek to prevent plot leaks ahead of the new series airing early next year.

A few residents have been told they cannot gain access to the road and have been directed back the way they came from.

“It has created a bit of a stir in the area,” said one Corbet resident.

“It’s great that they are filming here - it has put the Corbet on the map.

“And most locals have been down to take a look at the set.

“But the road closure has definitely caused a bit of annoyance.

“The detour is quite long no matter which way you go and a lot of people also use that road for cycling or walking their dogs.

“I can understand it being closed if the bridge is in the shot when they are filming but to have it permanently closed seems a bit unnecessary.”

The local resident said a lot of people seemed to be coming to the area to get a glimpse of the show’s stars or to get a few clues to the plot.

“There have been people trying to get a good view of what is happening down there and I can understand the Game of Thrones people wanting to keep things secret.

“But at the end of the day we need to live here; we are their neighbours and surely they can tell if it’s someone trying to use the road or someone turning up with a long lens camera to get photos of what is happening?” Despite these security measures, one Game of Thrones fan has managed to capture a part of the Corbet set on camera as our photo shows.

There has been speculation that the set at Corbet will depict Riverrun and a castle has been built.

The large size of the structure had caused concern and was said to have required an inspection to determine if it was built in accordance with the original planning permission before the go ahead was given.

Meanwhile, Kit Harrington, who was spotted in the Belmont several weeks ago, was spied in the Crown bar in Belfast as fans continue to debate the fate of his character.