Funding sought for play areas upgrade

PLAY areas in Dromara, Drumlough and Hillsborough could soon be in line for a reportedly overdue upgrade, thanks to a funding application by the Lagan Rural Development Local Action Group.

It’s expected the application could pull down £50,000 to £100,000 to fund significant improvements in play provision across the three locations.

Among those to applaud the application and voice their support were Lagan Valley MLAs Paul Givan and Edwin Poots and Dromara Councillor Paul Stewart.

The three welcomed what they called “a bid for extensive funding for new play areas across the local area”.

It was anticipated, they said, that play areas in Dromara, Drumlough and Hillsborough would receive significant funding to upgrade the facilities in the next financial year.

Mr Givan added,“The bid to see significant investment in play areas in Dromara, Drumlough and Hillsborough is very welcome and I fully support this bid.

“The funding which is anticipated from Lagan Rural Development Local Action Group will see significant sums of money invested in these communities where the play areas are in need of regeneration.”

Mr Poots said,“I support the LAG bid to fund the development of these play areas. Funding from £50,000 up to £100,000 for these play facilities will greatly improve the existing arrangements that have been present for a number of years without a major overhaul.”

Councillor Stewart, meanwhile, spoke of health benefits for local children.

“Following the recent success of the new play facility in Anahilt,” he said, “I welcome the bid for increased funding within the local area for the regeneration of play areas.

“I am supportive of this bid and look forward to seeing the money spent on worthwhile resources within each of these communities. This project will have clear long term health benefits for the children in the area and therefore the Democratic Unionist Party will continue to lobby to have these projects delivered as soon as possible.”