Fresh opportunity knocks on Dromore shops front

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In another potential

regeneration boost, the

Dromore shopfront

grants scheme is being


Though reportedly “very pleased” with the response to the scheme so far, Banbridge District Council is hoping to encourage even more businesses to apply for funding.

The shopfront scheme is part of the wider ‘Restore Dromore’ project, under which, it was announced last week, Dromore is to become the first town in the district to provide free town-centre Wi-fi.

The scheme offers 50% funded grants of up to £5,000 to property-owners and businesses who want to make cosmetic improvements to their shopfronts and disused units.

Funded work includes repainting, replastering, shop front replacement, decorative features - such as clocks and plasterwork - signage and general cosmetic works.

Funded by the Department for Social Development, the project has been hailed as having already started to make “a big difference” to Dromore town centre.

Anumber of businesses have of course already availed of the grant to make clearly visible improvements.

“We are very pleased with the response to the shopfront scheme so far,” said Town centre manager, Mechelle Brown, “but I would encourage even more property owners and businesses to come forward.

“The more businesses who apply for the grant, the better the town will look.”

Dromore Councillor Paul Rankin was quick to welcome the relaunch.

“As a local councillor,” he said, “I would encourage even more businesses in the town to take part in the project.

“The funding from the Department for Social Development has given us the opportunity to drive forward regeneration in the town centre.

“I hope this relaunch means that even more businesses apply for the grant.”

Property-owners who want to find out more about the scheme should contact Banbridge District Council and reister their interest.

Still ongoing in town, ‘Restore Dromore’ includes the completed Church Street paint scheme, virtual windows in empty units, derelict site fencing, the community garden, heritage signage, town-centre wi-fi, floral displays and events equipment.