Free tickets to arts events in 
Lisburn on offer

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Test Drive the Arts NI are looking for new recruits to sign up for free tickets to arts events and performances in Lisburn.

Local venue the ISLAND Arts Centre already takes part in Test Drive the Arts NI by allocating unsold tickets to get people reengaged with their local arts scene.

The Audiences NI iniative has already allocated over 20,000 free tickets to theatre, dance, comedy and music events throughout Northern Ireland.

Arts Programme Assistant from the ISLAND Arts Centre, Heather Bulfin, said: “It’s been great to take part in Test Drive the Arts and we have had a lot of customers coming to the ISLAND Arts Centre for the first time who enjoyed a show and want to come back again.

“We have some great shows this autumn, from music to drama, comedy and dance.”

Test Drive the Arts NI introduces people to the arts for the first time, or gets people re-engaging with their local venue by offering free tickets from spare or unsold capacity.

An empty seat becomes worthless as soon as a show begins, but Test Drive allows it to become a valuable tool in increasing and developing audiences and ticket revenue in the future.

To find out more information on how you can Test Drive the Arts in Lisburn and apply for free tickets to upcoming shows, you can visit or find them on Facebook.