Found in state of undress and howling at sky

A 48 year old Banbridge man found by police twice in the space of ten days causing a public nuisance of himself, has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

On one occasion, heard the local court last Thursday, Patrick Anthony Quigley from Edenderry Park, was found in a state of undress howling at the sky.

He was fined a total of £300 in addition to four months imprisonment suspended for two years as well as an offender levy.

Quigley was charged with disorderly behaviour, possession of a Class B drug and assault on police on 14 October. He was further charged with disorderly behaviour and assault on police on 24 October last.

A prosecutor explained how at 5pm on October 14, police were called to Edenderry Park. They found him standing in the middle of the road shouting threatening behaviour towards police.

Quigley attempted to head butt an officer when arrested. Two suspicious bottles were found on his person and he was arrested on suspicion of possessing a Class B drug. When they arrived at the police station there was a further brawl and an officer was injured.

Quigley made an admission to the Class B drugs saying it was Cannabis and a legal high. He also admitted the other charges.

On 24th October police were again called to Edenderry Park and they found Quigley in a state of undress and was howling at the sky. He couldn’t stand up by himself and when officers spoke to him, he responded with foul language.

Quigley pushed a constable backwards and assaulted him.

A further violent struggle ensued before Quigley was put in the back of the police vehicle.

Solicitor Mr Trainor said on both occasions police came to the scene to “subdue or protect him”.

“He didn’t accept that and was taken into custody. He was boisterous and tensed up and began to struggle. His behaviour was completely reprehensible and he apologises for that. He had ingested substances which rendered him into this state. In that window of a few days in October he was clearly out of control and behaving badly. He has accepted his culpability from the outset.”