Former Pupils Association set up for Banbridge Academy


Banbridge Academy has formed an association for its former pupils.

The aim of the association is to help former pupils of Banbridge Academy keep in touch with each other and with the school whether they are in the world of work, leaving to embark on a university degree course, gap year, retired or whatever it may be.

In addition, there are opportunities to become involved in the newly established committee to help organise events (including school reunions) for former pupils. If you have your own business or work for a company, then why not consider having one of our current students in your workplace to gain some experience of the working world? There are also opportunities available to donate to the work of the school.

If you like the sound of any of the above and you are a former pupil, then you can join the Banbridge Academy Former Pupil Association for free on our school website Simply fill in the online subscription form by clicking on the former pupils tab and you will be sent the newsletter and further details.