Former boxer had ‘spiralled out of control’

Owen Patrick Gribben (31) from Burnview Terrace, Banbridge appeared at the local court last Thursday charged with causing £2,449 damage to a car, two counts of common assault and disorderly behaviour.

Tuesday, 14th January 2014, 6:37 pm

The charges were in relation to an incident which occurred on 8 September last inside Friar Tucks and spilled out onto the street.

A prosecutor told the court that police officers who arrested Gribben described him as being in “a dreadful state” adding how he told him his “daddy killed himself.”

One of the injured parties reported that his face had been slapped, while the other suffered a cut cheek and bruising.

Barrister Justin Byrne said his client had paid £700 of the compensation, approximately one quarter of what was owed.

Mr Byrne referred to his client’s “extreme traumatic” episodes in his young life, in addition to his father’s death in 2006.

“He was a talented boxer and boxed for Ireland and what happened him as a teenager has had a serious effect on his life.”

“He had been at a wedding and continued drinking all weekend. He had spiralled out of control.”

Mr Byrne said his client showed genuine remorse for what he had done and was now fully embracing various support programmes.

Placing Gribben on Probation for two years, District Judge Mr Copeland said, “You have to realise that whilst any court will take into account your troubled background and difficulties, innocent people are also subject to the consequences of your crazed and drunken behaviour.”