Football kits for the children of Uganda

Moneyslane Football Club under 18s player Ross Kerr, who is studying for A levels at Dromore High School, has recently returned from a trip to Uganda where he presented children with a football kit.

Friday, 25th April 2014, 10:23 am
Ross Kerr and the children from the 'Light for All' Secondary School Uganda wearing the football Kit donated by the Moneyslane Club

The Moneyslane club were honoured and humbled to be able to donate the Kit for Ross to take to Uganda for the local, ‘Light for All’ Secondary School.

The new secondary school was built in memory of Banbridge woman Lindsay Emerson, who was closely involved with the work of Lurgan’s Emmanuel Church, before her diagnosis with a brain tumour and her tragic death at the age of just 24.

For many of the local children, primary education was all that was available, there being no secondary school within miles. The secondary school was built in 2009 as a memorial to Lindsay, for whom it had long been a dream that the children might complete their education and be given an equal chance in life.

The ‘Light For All’ secondary school is up and running, though work continues to raise funds to meet the school’s basic needs for electricity, toilets, kitchens, dormitories for pupils and teachers and a recently added science laboratory.

To date there are approximately 300 children in ‘Source of Light’ Primary School and approximately 200 in Light for All Secondary School. The secondary school and the relationships built in Jandira allow all the Fields of Life teams to make this a much wider project of real sustainable development and enhanced community life.

With the development of education in the villages, Fields of Life are in a much better position to deal with health issues, encourage small income generating initiatives, and long-term see a self-sustaining thriving community. They can also facilitate greater opportunities to preach the gospel message of Jesus Christ, plant new churches and support existing churches and pastors.

There is much work to be done so that ‘Light for All’ becomes an established and respected school that has a reputation for excellence and for nurturing young men and women of God, but the school are so excited as they look to the future.

Ross and all the teams helped all the school children dream of an education that will enable them to become the doctors, teachers and pastors of tomorrow’s Uganda .

Well done Ross for helping to make these dreams a reality.