First win home in Banbridge

Imagine holding the keys to your new dream three bedroom home in Banbridge and all you had to do is win it in a £10 competition.

Tanya Cochrane of APM (NI) Ltd will be launching a new business idea, Northern Ireland’s first Win A House Competition on May 2 at 75 Limewood, Scarva Road to relieve families of their mortgage crisis and give people an opportunity of winning a house mortgage free.

The competition, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland runs for just 12 weeks, four times a year and entrants are limited to 20,000.

Tanya explained, “We are launching a win a house competition website and anyone can enter from across the globe.

“This is a revolutionary new idea for people stuck in a mortgage crisis at a time when for some it’s the hardest to get on the mortgage ladder.”

Entrants will have a choice of two games both with a time out scenario.

If entrants beat the time and win the game then their details will go through with a chance of winning the house.

The criteria of the house owner entering their house for the competition will be an individual that is currently in negative equity or interest only mortgages and they are struggling to meet their mortgage payments and cannot afford to sell their home.

“I have worked with friends with even my own family members living with very little hope living with a mortgage crisis,” explained Tanya.

“It frustrated me to see my friends and family suffer, to watch them get more and more in debt and why? I have conducted various market research and surveys within Belfast and surrounding areas and have had fantastic feedback from the general public.

“I contacted the Prime Minister Mr Cameron to make him aware of what I am trying to achieve,

“My competition offers an alternative solution to a mortgage crisis by means of the general public entering a competition investing £10 and having a reasonable chance of winning a house mortgage free.

“I am only limiting entrants to approximately 20,000 per competition to try and be as fair as possible and to still cover all costs associated and to still make a living to support myself my family and my three children. Anyone can enter from across the globe.

“I work personally with the house owner and discuss all their options it is very clear what will be

happening and the end result.

“I am currently working with Mills Selig who is a leading corporate and commercial law firm in

Northern Ireland they will be dealing with all legal requirements with the selling and buying of the properties to be won.”

She continued, “My competition website gives them (homeowners) an alternative solution to get out of their current mortgage crisis.

“I am aware what I am offering initially will only be helping a very small percentage. However it is a start and if I can help four families in the first year rid themselves of their mortgage crisis and furthermore give four families an opportunity to win a house mortgage free then its a start.

“There will be a donation to a local charity for every house won of £2500. It has been decided due to the recent media exposure on the necessity of food banks. We will be donating to a local food bank or similar charity.”

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