Fireworks and safety campaign is launched

Fundraisers at Bow Street
Fundraisers at Bow Street
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A joint Halloween safety campaign has been launched urging people to keep their families safe over the holiday period.

That was the message from Public Safety Minister Jim Wells and Justice Minister David Ford as they pleaded with the public to make sure their loved ones remain safe.

The Ministers launched the 2014 Firework Safety Campaign highlighting the importance of fireworks safety and reminding people that fireworks should only be lit in a safe and controlled environment by a responsible adult.

Praising the low number of injuries last year, Jim Wells said: “In 2013 we had the lowest number of injuries ever recorded with only six injuries reported throughout the whole province.

“Every one of us has a duty of care to ensure fireworks are handled responsibly to prevent fireworks related injuries to all, particularly children and young people.

The Justice Minister David Ford highlighted the legal requirement to secure a licence to use fireworks and the importance of buying from a legitimate supplier.

He said: “The law on fireworks is very clear. Purchasers must obtain a fireworks licence from the Department of Justice and they must be purchased from a registered supplier. “

I would appeal to those using fireworks to abide by the Fireworks Safety Code as I do not want to see people breaking the law by buying fireworks without a licence or using fireworks that may be unsafe.”

Chief Inspector Peter Bobby Singleton, PSNI said: “We want Halloween to be a safe and enjoyable time for everyone.

“Most people are responsible and safely enjoy the festivities, but the very simple fact is that fireworks are made from explosive material and if misused, can cause serious and life changing injuries.