Fined for two driving offences

Twice on the same day a 24-year-old woman was involved in road incidents which led to her appearing last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Wednesday, 4th February 2015, 6:31 am
Johnathan Millar

Kiera Christine Walker, Hillhead Road, Katesbridge, was fined £200 and given six points for driving without reasonable consideration for other persons on October 10 last year.

She was also fined £150, ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy and given three points for driving without due care and attention later on the same date.

The court heard that at 2.55pm police went to a road traffic collision involving two vehicles at the Armagh Road, Portadown.

The injured party alleged that as he approached a traffic light it turned to green. A car in front remained stationary at the lights and he sounded his horn.

The occupants of the car in front gave him the ‘fingers’ sign out of the back window.

The car in front, driven by the defendant, suddenly braked for no reason and he crashed into the back of the car.

He alleged that the defendant and passenger then gave him verbal abuse before leaving the scene.

The defendant returned and when cautioned by police said: “He was beeping.

“I was driving slowly because he was p—ing me off.”

She added that her passenger had spilt coffee and that was why she braked.

Later at 3.35pm the same police officers who had dealt with the collision were travelling along the left lane at Central Way in Craigavon.

The defendant was in the right hand lane and at an exit she cut across causing the police vehicle to brake to avoid a collision.

When cautioned Walker said she did not see the police vehicle.

A solicitor representing Walker said she had been driving for seven years and had a clear record and no points on her licence.

He explained that her passenger spilling coffee caused her reaction to push the brakes down.

A friend had asked her to pick him up in Armagh and she was returning to Banbridge.

Turning to the second incident the solicitor said she accepted cutting across the lane.