Fine and points after A1 accident

BANBRIDGE Magistrates Court has heard how a Dromore driver pulled out onto the A1 dual carriageway causing a collision involving two other cars.

John Paul Walker (30) from Meganlis Park was fined 250 and awarded four penalty points for driving without due care and attention.

The court heard how the accident occurred on 17 August last.

Police were called to the scene of a three car accident at the Banbridge Road, Dromore junction of the A1 dual carriageway.

One of the injured parties reported damage to the rear end of his vehicle but said he was not injured.

The other injured party was taken to hospital with neck injuries while the front seat passenger had injuries to his fingers and right hand. The rear seat passenger in this car complained of pain on his right side.

Both drivers told police that they were travelling southbound at the time of the collision when Walker's maroon coloured Volvo pulled into the southbound lane in front of them causing them to take evasive action.

When interviewed by police Walker said he did pull out but did not feel his negotiation of the junction played a part in the accident.

However a solicitor told last Thursday morning's court that his client took full responsibility for the accident.

"There are serious roadworks going on at this junction and my client felt the combination of cones and signs restricted his view and led to the accident

"He currently has six points on his licence and through his work as a self employed electrician has to drive considerable distances to find work. Any disqualification would have a disastrous effect on him."