Ferguson aims to deal with suicide

TUV Upper Bann Assembly candidate Roy Ferguson.
TUV Upper Bann Assembly candidate Roy Ferguson.

TUV Upper Bann Assembly candidate Roy Ferguson has said it is time to deal with suicide.

“People across Upper Bann are familiar with the devastating impact suicide has on a community,” he said.

“We as a party welcome the small decrease in the number of suicides in NI between 2013 and 2014, but unfortunately the fact remains that the number of people taking their own lives here is the highest in the UK.

“Most depressing of all is the fact that young men in the prime of their lives are the most vulnerable and see no future and opt for suicide. What can we do as politicians and as a community?

“As a politician I can campaign for extra funds to meet the demands of those in desperate need. Proper funding of mental health provision and support services for those who get into financial and family difficulties are essential.

“As a community we need that community spirit of looking out for each other. Together we can stand with the call of the head of The Helpline organisation for an urgent debate on how to tackle suicide.

“This week I read an interesting article on a zero suicide approach by Detroit USA ad the amazing results that followed.

“In just three years the rate of suicide was reduced by 75%. We need a mindset where suicide is not accepted as inevitable and put in place services which are accessible to those in crisis so that they do not feel isolated and helpless when they reach out for help.

“I feel very strongly on this matter and if elected will do everything I can to protect the most precious thing on earth, life.”