Farmers warned to guard against fraud

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Local DUP MLA Sydney Anderson, a member of the Stormont Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, has urged farmers to be vigilant against fraudsters targeting the agricultural sector.

Mr Anderson said: “Many local farmers have started to receive finance through various CAP schemes in the last week and this will continue in the weeks ahead.

“Whilst this finance will be put to good use we cannot overlook the fact that there are individuals out there who are seeking to commit fraud against the agricultural sector.

“It is therefore vital that farmers be on their guard against potential fraud being carried out against them.”

The Ulster Farmers’ Union have stated that the individuals responsible for formulating various scams are targeting EU grant payments that are currently going into bank accounts.

With information about payment details, including the recipients’ names and the amount paid available online, criminals are in a position to be able to target farmers directly and thus make their approach more believable.

In particular such fraudsters are getting in touch stating that they represent their bank and then attempting to deceive them into giving away account details.

Sydney Anderson MLA continued: “Ultimately, these fraudsters can make themselves appear convincing and legitimate and as such it is important that everyone is vigilant because I do not want to see anyone becoming the victim of fraud.”