Family reunion for Elsa as she enjoys weekend at home

Elsa enjoyed a weekend away from hospital.
Elsa enjoyed a weekend away from hospital.

Brave little Elsa McBurney had a very positive few days as she got to spend the weekend at home with her family for the first time since undergoing treatment.

The Abercorn Primary School pupil is currently battling cancer of the spine and has been in hospital receiving Chemotherapy.

Last weekend however she enjoyed a few days out of hospital, staying at her granny’s house and most importantly got to spend some much needed time with her brother, Milo.

She was in for a surprise when she learned that her uncle Jordan had also shaved his head to match his little niece.

Posting on the Team Elsa Facebook on Friday, Elsa’s mother Leslie explained how for a couple of days at least, a kind of normality had returned to their family.

She said: “This is happening, We are actually getting to spend the weekend at home (well not home). We’ll be staying at my mum’s house as she has a downstairs bedroom and Elsa can’t manage the stairs.

“But a comfy bed, hot home cooked food, and some company sounds like heaven right now not to mention FINALLY getting my wee Milo man.”

Then they added, “Last night with both of these rascals for another wee while but satisfied that we spent our weekend well, we did very little but appreciated every second.”

“This morning Elsa had a couple of hours with her tutor. She tried to hide but got caught. She’s doing really well with her school work. I can actually see an improvement even though she’s missed so much actual school, I think it’s because she works much better 1:1, she’s a bit of a chatterbox in school.

“After lunch we had a professional story teller come in. He was lots of fun and brought instruments and told stories about fairies that live up the Mournes.

“Elsa is still attached to the antibiotics for now but is doing well otherwise. She’s eating well (understatement), her temperature is normal and her mood is great ❤I can almost smell home though even if we do it’ll be a short sit as we’re back here after the weekend for chemotherapy.

“We’ll see what doc says but I am dreaming of spending this mother’s day with both my babies

She has a little notebook someone bought her and she is using it as an autograph book.

“Today her physio, two nurses, a cleaner and two doctors signed it, much to their amusement.”

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