Family devastated by death of two pet dogs

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A local woman has spoken of her devastation after her two pet dogs were killed by a lorry on the A1.

Lara Greenaway said the scene at the junction leaving Loughbrickland, last Tuesday night, will be with her for the rest of her life, describing her pets as “barely recognisable”.

Lara’s dogs Maddy (8) and Boss (4) both perished in the accident.

The Staffordshire Bull Terriers are believed to have gotten out of the garden when a gate wasn’t closed correctly.

Lara commented: “It must have been about 7.30pm when we knew they were missing.

“My neighbour had seen them going up the back path. I thought they had maybe gone where they were walked at Whyte’s Estate, so I went there but by the time I got back my neighbour had seen something on the carriageway and he brought me up there.

“They were barely recognisable,” Lara stated.

“My brother had contacted the police to let them know and they said they had had a number of calls from the public about it.

“They think it was a lorry that did it.

“It was so distressing,” Lara continued. I am just in shock right now.”

“It’s something I wish I’d never seen but at the same time I’m grateful nobody was hurt. They were the most gentle dogs, they were such great pets.

“I had three of them, my other one, Snappy, died at the end of September.

“She was almost 15 and had to be put to sleep.”

Laura continued: “Someone had been working at the house and obviously hadn’t locked the side gate properly.

“They didn’t do it intentionally, it was a freak accident.

“My three boys are absolutely devastated, they loved to play with the dogs.”

Lara’s family have tried to ease the pain of the family’s loss by getting them a new puppy.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the people commenting and messaging me on Facebook, saying how sorry they are. There has been a big amount of support. I was in a shop and a guy came over and gave me a hug, my hairdresser came in too and she gave me a hug.

“I’d like to thank everybody for their support.

“My neighbour Paul for helping me look for them.

A Police spokesperson saiid officers had attended the scene and the dogs’ remains were removed from the road.