Families using credit cards to make ends meet says survey

Childcare costs continue to be on the rise, with an average full-time place now costing £158 per week.

For a family with two children in full-time childcare the costs can be a staggering £16,432 per year. These figures paint a gloomy picture for families who are already finding it difficult to make ends meet.

This has been revealed with the launch of the 2013 Childcare Cost Survey Report by local charity Employers For Childcare Charitable Group. Almost 4,500 parents completed the survey. Employers For Childcare is truly concerned by some of the responses with many parents reporting that they are really struggling financially.

Marie Marin, Chief Executive Officer, Employers For Childcare Charitable Group commented: “The high cost of childcare can be crippling for families. In order to manage the high cost parents are making financial sacrifices and changing their employment patterns. Parents have noted that making these changes can have a number of negative outcomes for families; putting additional strain on the wider family.”