Event aims to air risks of carbon monoxide

The Southern Trust is hosting a free workshop from 10am-12.30pm on 13 August in St. Luke’s Hospital, Armagh, aimed at raising Carbon Monoxide awareness.

Representatives of community, voluntary or statutory organisations and individuals who work in the housing sector are welcome to attend.

Heating or engineering workers may also apply.

The workshop will highlight what causes CO poisoning, how to prevent it, what signs to look for in the home, the common physical symptoms experienced when exposed to CO and how best to detect CO in the home or other settings.

If you would like to attend please contact Mairead Casey on Tel: 028 3741 2406 or Email Mairead.casey@southerntrust.hscni.net

For further information on carbon monoxide visit: www.watchout.hseni.gov.uk; www.gisahugfoundation.co.uk; www.rospa.com/homesafety/aroundtheuk/northern-ireland/carbonmonoxide; http://www.southerntrust.hscni.net/livewell/1537.htm

For further information on carbon monoxide contact Nina Daly on Tel: 028 3834 4973 or Email Nina.daly@southerntrust.hscni.net