Tenants deserve double glazing - Ingram

ULSTER Unionist party member Elizabeth Ingram is calling on the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to make funds available for a scheme in place to install double-glazed windows in their properties in the Banbridge District.

Mrs Ingram said, “Recently I have been invited to many residents’ homes to view their newly installed kitchen units which I very much welcome but I would be urging the Housing Executive to go a step further and put schemes in place to install double-glazed windows in their properties which have existing single-glazed windows.

“The residents of these homes have had to endure arctic conditions over these past few winters with much of the heat escaping because of the lack of double glazing.And they have had the added inconvenience of having to dry condensation off the windows every morning.

“Many of these residents who are known to me in Rathfriland are senior citizens and I feel it is time that this work is carried out and that they will not have to endure these conditions for another winter. Despite my many calls to the Housing Executive, I still haven’t been given an assurance that a scheme will be put in place soon to alleviate these residents’ problems.”