Public outrage at Council’s black bin collection plans

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� Edward Byrne Photography INBL1434-233EB

Claims from Banbridge District Council that a new bin collection trial was so successful it is now introducing it across a number of additional bin collection routes, have been met with outrage.

Some residents say it is “totally unacceptable” with others asking if they will receive a rates reduction.

Amy Owens from Rathfriland wrote on the Leader’s Facebook page: “What a lovely sight and smell that is going to be. We have a family of six and we recycle.

“Both our black bin and recycling bin are full to the max every fortnight. So who will be responsible for an infestation of rats with the excess rubbish or worse still if a rat bites my children?

“This is totally unacceptable and I would definitely like to hear both what the local politicians/MPs have to say and what they are going do about it?”

Hayley Close commented: “We are a family of five and I’m also a childminder we could be doing with the black bin being emptied every week and we recycle 100 per cent.

“Above all else there has to be health risks as the black bin is were I put my child’s nappies! Imagine the smell if they are lying in it for four weeks. It will attract vermin etc.

“I also feel sorry for the bin men having to empty these bins.

“The brown bins are bad enough with food waste etc left in it for two weeks.”

However the Council says a number of happy householders have come forward “expressing their satisfaction” with the new scheme. They said that one resident who has a family of six commented:

“When I first heard of the new pilot scheme, I have to say I was concerned. However after attending one of the local information sessions organised by the council I came out of it feeling more reassured, and informed.

I am pleased to say that by using my green bin for all recyclable items and brown for food and garden waste the black bin usage is minimal.

“I would encourage everyone to be positive from day one, ask if they are unsure as the help is there and use the scheme to the best of their ability.”

Another resident who has a family of five told the Council: “At the start of the scheme, we were very concerned after being informed our black bin was going to be emptied once a month, we thought this was going to be impossible and not very hygienic. However after a short while we started to get the hang of recycling and it was not a problem at all. I believe this should be done by everyone as we need to reduce the waste we produce.”

Robin Crory commented on the Leader’s Facebook page: “I live alone and recycle everything I can so this seems like a good idea to me.”