Price freeze for natural gas customers

FIRMUS Energy, which is in the middle of extensive pipe-laying work in the Banbridge area, has announced a freeze on gas prices for its customers.

Managing director, Mark Prentice, said natural gas prices would remain unchanged until the end of September this year, despite press speculation of a price hike in some areas, including Coleraine and the greater Belfast area.

“We are delighted to continue to offer stable gas prices to our customers, particularly during these difficult economic times and during a period of great volatility in wholesale fuel prices,” said Mr Prentice. “This is great news for our thousands of customers across Northern Ireland who can be assured that they can enjoy the cheapest natural gas prices in Northern Ireland and can also benefit from huge savings against oil.”

Mr Prentice said natural gas prices were, on average, 45 per cent cheaper than oil and taking into account higher boiler efficiency, households could benefit from savings of over £500 per year.

“We will continue to review our price, across the year, to ensure that our natural gas price will still be cheaper than oil,” he added. “We use an independent research company to check local oil prices every week from the leading fuel oil distributors in the area.

“When we review our tariff in September 2011, we will ensure that our price for natural gas will be cheaper than oil, based on average oil prices between now and then. It’s that simple.”