Mountview lighting concerns

RESIDENTS of Mountview Park in Banbridge have expressed their concern that street lighting for an alleyway behind their homes will not be included in improvement works being carried out to their estate.

Monday, 21st November 2011, 2:55 pm

Roads Service are currently working on lighting on the roads and footpaths of the estate but, despite concerns from residents - including a number of senior citizens - they said it is not their policy to provide lighting to “rear paths”.

Town councillor Joan Baird said she had been in contact with residents who spoke of their fears that anti-social behaviour would become a bigger problem with gangs of young people gathering in the alley behind their homes.

Mrs Baird said, “According to the policy coming down from Stormont this is about saving energy but that doesn’t take away the big problems that come with places in darkness. People living there have great concerns regarding anti-social behaviour.”

A spokeswoman from the Department of Regional Development said, “In an urban area Roads Service policy is to provide lighting on the roads and footpaths along the frontage of properties. Work is currently being carried out on lighting in Mountview Park and should be complete towards the end of November/beginning of December. Roads Service does not provide lighting to rear paths.”