Motorists forced to dig deeper

MOTORISTS in Banbridge will have to fork out an extra 10 pence for each hour they wish to use in one of the main town centre car parks.

People parking in one of the 44 spaces in Downshire Place’s south car park will be charged 40p per hour, with the price rise taking effect this week.

Currently three of the town’s nine car parks charge people to park. Both Kenlis Street car park and Commercial Road also charge 40p per hour.

Roads Service has increased charges in 123 of its 132 of its car parks across Northern Ireland in line with legislation earlier this year.

A DRD spokeswoman said: “The car park tariff increases will encourage turnover of car parking spaces which will help to improve traffic management and promote the commercial and tourist vitality of our towns.

“This set of tariff rises is the first in a number of years, some have not increased in 12 years, and the increases will bring charges closer to private sector car parking prices.”

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