Laurencetown waste hits the headlines

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A local resident has voiced his disgust at finding shredded newspapers strewn across the road in Laurencetown.

Whilst showing visitors around the area, he came across the eyesore on Chapel Hill, which, he said, did not leave his guests with the best of impressions about the village.

“Obviously a trailer or lorry has shed its load of ‘partially shredded’ newspapers along the entire Chapel Hill and Point Road/Blue Road junction,” he said. “How could they not have noticed this?”

“What was very unfortunate, I had visitors over from France at the time, and was showing them around the local area when we came across this.

“I know it may have been an accident, but what a lasting legacy to leave.”

Local councillor Glenn Barr spotted the complaint on Facebook and was quick to act by contacting the relevant authorities to have the area cleaned as soon as possible.

“I sent a photograph to Banbridge District Council’s Environment Services, asking them to clear up the mess as soon as possible,” said Councillor Barr.

“I would like to commend the Environmental Services department for going out so quickly to sort out the situation.

“I would also like to thank the local resident for bringing the matter to my attention in the first instance.”

Mr Barr would like to urge anyone who sees rubbish or waste along the side of roads in the district, to contact the local council as soon as possible.

“This is not the impression we want to give to visitors to the area,” continued Mr Barr.

“If anyone has any information about this incident, or sees anyone dumping waste, whether accidentally or on purpose, I would urge them to come forward or to contact the Council as quickly as possible so that the area can be cleaned up as a matter of urgency.”