Latest step in bid to bring new life to area


The latest step aimed at breathing new life into Gilford and addressing the on-going issue of derelict properties in the village has been welcomed by local councillors.

The latest phase of on-going work will see a riverside walkway connecting to Woodside Park.

The proposed walkway would cover a distance of 845 meters and would run from the footbridge in Stramore Park to the mill race behind Gilford Mill.

A proposed regeneration of the Woodlands Park area would form a later, phase three, of the project.

At a recent meeting of Banbridge District Council’s Leisure and Development Committee an application for funding for Phase Two was approved.

Councillor John Hanna expressed his delight at the plans, first identified as part of the Village Plan process in 2012.

The Director of Leisure and Development Catriona Regan, in response to Councillor Hanna, outlined how the proposed scheme would be connected to Woodlands Park as a continuous riverside walkway.

The Director, in response to Councillor Elizabeth Ingram, also clarified that £865,000 was being budgeted in the Capital Estimate for next year for the scheme to go ahead.

The funding application, under the Space and Place Lottery Programme was made on September 1 for £350,000 towards the total cost of over £1m.

Gilford Forum were identified as the community partner in the on-going application process.

The committee were previously advised of the recreation potential of Stramore Park, and the adjoining lands.

Work here is currently underway with a scheduled end of September date for completion.