Dobson welcomes renewable energy move

A SCHEME encouraging people to consider renewable energy heating alternatives has been welcomed by Upper Bann MLA Jo-Anne Dobson.

The welcome follows the recent announcement of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme.

Mrs Dobson said, “This is a very positive step in the current climate, which will help support households who want to move away from traditional fossil fuel dependency to become more eco-friendly as well as save energy and money.

“The RHPP scheme, open to all households across Northern Ireland, aims to encourage people to consider different renewable heating technologies including; solar water heating, wood pellet boilers and air source heat pumps. By embracing these alternative forms of heating, local homes will save money on their energy bills and reduce their reliance on traditional oil and gas”.

Gwyneth Compston of Power NI said, “Power NI is excited that this initiative will offer homeowners, who choose renewable forms of heating, financial support in a more structured way and we have an expert team available to inform homeowners how they can benefit from this announcement and provide a ‘one stop shop’ installation service”.

Gwyneth added, “Power NI has established partnerships with a range of local manufacturers. We are delighted that the products we offer our customers have been designed for the local heating market and this encouraging announcement will go a long way in growing the local green economy and supporting jobs in our communities.”

The RHPP payments range from £320 for a solar water heating system, to £1,700 for an air source heat pump and £2,500 for a wood pellet boiler. It is hoped that the RHPP will be followed by a long term incentive of up to 20 years and householders who take advantage of the current payments will be eligible to apply for the long term support.

Power NI customers can visit to find out how they can take advantage of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment or call free on 0800 0321 894.