Beekeepers ‘recharged’ by April’s guest lecturer

DROMORE Beekeepers’ Association members have been “recharged” by a recent lecture delivered by guest speaker Philip McCabe, President of the European Commission of Apimondia, the worldwide federation of Beekeeping Associations.

A spokesman said Philip’s April lecture on ‘Managing Bees in Spring’ offered valuable, topical and practical information.

“This was much appreciated,” he said, “but, more importantly, he enthused and entertained the audience.

“Most beekeepers can manage through the spring by drawing on their own experience, consulting their lecture notes, consulting Ted Hooper’s book or discussing management with fellow beekeepers. However, an evening with Philip McCabe renews their enthusiasm to do what they know they ought to be doing anyway.

“I can see Beekeepers cleaning and repairing equipment, watching out for signs of diseases, clipping and marking queens and migrating bees to Oilseed Rape. His (Philip’s) entertaining lecture proved that beekeeping is fun and his infectious enthusiasm and humour will serve to recharge Dromore beekeepers.”

There was inspiration too in March, and later an Apiary Open Day. The spokesman said, “March had some excellent beekeeping weather but the past two weeks have been cold and windy so beekeepers have been unable to do much but feed their bees in the hope of better times to come. “Meetings of the association during the winter tend to deal with scientific subjects but in the Spring things change. In March we had Keith Pierce speak on preparing nuclei and he was inspirational.”

Of the Apiary Open Day in April, he said, “This was the first time some of the members had seen the new Dromore Association Apiary, which is situated inside a beautiful ring fort.

“The sun was shining, the bees were flying and the assembled company enjoyed tea and eats in glorious surroundings and discussed how their bees were faring. Gorse and Blackthorn, all around, provided the bees with food and drink at the same time.”