Annaclone ramp row rumbles on

CHILDREN’S lives are being put at risk as motorists worry more about damaging their cars than the wellbeing of local residents in Annaclone, one councillor has claimed.

Monday, 21st November 2011, 2:55 pm

The row over the installation of speed ramps in the area rumbled on as councillors at the most recent meeting of Banbridge District Council debated the recommendations from Roads Service.

Some members argued the plan to install 10 speed ramps on the road, on which there is a school and church, was “excessive”, saying it would cause damage to cars trying to navigate the road in future.

But Councillor Seamus Doyle made an impassioned speech about the need to ensure the safety of children and other road users.

“I’m not too worried about the damage to a car - if you damage a car you can repair it but the damage to a child is beyond repair,” said Councillor Doyle. “The children’s lives are most important.”

Councillor Curran agreed, saying that in such a built-up area some form of traffic calming is necessary.

Knockiveagh councillor Glenn Barr pointed out that he believed the nearby Loughbrickland to Rathfriland Road was longer yet contained fewer speed ramps.

Fellow UUP councillor John Hanna also waded into the debate to claim 10 ramps would cause more of a hassle than a help, suggesting people will now take an alternative route which will then become “a death trap”.

Councillor Liz Ingram said she understood the need to focus on the safety of people on that road, especially children, but added that those travelling to work on that road every day also need to be considered.

The Council Chief Executive agreed to write to Roads Service to clarify what form the traffic calming measures will take following some confusion as to whether they would be speed cushions or speed ramps.