Anger as waste dumped

FOUR people have been sent official warnings from Banbridge District council after dumping rubbish outside Dromore Recycling Centre over Easter and the Royal Wedding weekend.

A mound of rubbish greeted centre staff when they returned to work after the Bank Holiday weekend. Workers then sifted through bin bags, pot plants and beer cartons to find addresses of some of the offenders.

Four of those thought to have been involved were warned that what they had done was illegal, but escaped prosecution on this occasion.

Dates of the recycling facility’s closure during the holiday period were well publicised ahead of Easter but despite this workers were left spending their first day back clearing the rubbish from the centre’s entrance.

A council spokesperson said, “The staff working at this facility always take pride in keeping it neat and tidy for visitors – so it’s a real shame that they returned to work after a rare few days off to find it in such a state.

“It took a full day to clear up the rubbish and get the entrance back to the way it was before. It’s appalling that some people think they have the right to abuse council facilities, which are paid for by local ratepayers, in this way.

“Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that their waste is correctly disposed of.”

In its warning letter the council reminded the offenders that it is illegal to dump waste in public places and anyone caught doing so could face a fine of up to £2,500.