Access path at graveyard is considered

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Banbridge Council is considering improvement work to Dechomet graveyard, including the creation of an access path.

It is understood Banbridge District Council has discussed the matter with the owner of the field through which access is gained to the graveyared and a scheme to provide a concreted access path is currently being drawn up.

At a recent meeting of the council’s Environmental Service Committee it was reported by the Head of Building Control that a survey of the graveyard and surrounding land would be undertaken to enable the production of firm proposals on how to progress the matter.

The Director of Environmental Services, David Lindsay, in response to Councillor David Herron, explained that if the scheme is approved the council will be responsible for costs associated with it.

Mr Herron queried issues relating to the creation of a concrete access through the landowner’s adjacent field. In his opinion, the concrete path would require fencing to ensure livestock on either side could not gather on the path.

The Director explained that the landowner had informed the council that he would be unhappy dividing his field. However design options had yet to be produced.

The Director added that if the access path is approved, for insurance purposes, there would need to be a survey undertaken on the remains of a chimney that is located in the field adjacent to the path.

The Head of Building Control said that while the proposed access path would be restricted for vehicles it would be wide enough to accomodate grass cutting machineryand wheelchair access.

The Director advised in response to Councillor Paul Gribben that the original lane, which was previously used to access the Graveyard from the Ballymackilreiny Road, was removed by a previous landowner many years ago.