End-of-life care event is held by Trust group

A recent workshop hosted as part of the Transforming Your Palliative and End of Life Care

Programme has been well supported by individuals and groups in the Southern Trust area.

Angela McVeigh, co-chair of the Southern Locality Board for the programme and Director of Older People and Primary Care at the Southern Trust, said the event brought together a wide range of carers, healthcare professionals, voluntary and community organisations and independent care providers.

“Individuals and groups interested in making a difference to people with an illness or condition which may limit or shorten their lives, were keen to meet and look at ways of improving palliative and end of life care service provision,” said Angela.

“I would like to thank everyone for their valuable contributions especially on the sensitive discussions around providing end of life care at home, or as close to home as possible, as appropriate.

“As health professionals, we support the joint programme between Marie Curie and the Health and Social Care Board/ Public Health Agency.

“The Transforming Your Palliative and End of Life Care programme encourages and enables people to have choice in their place of care when they are living with a life-limiting illness or condition, for example, advanced respiratory disease, cancer, chronic kidney disease, heart failure or dementia.”

At the event were Sheila McConville, Macmillan Palliative Care Facilitator; Dr Tracy Anderson, Consultant in Palliative Medicine; Sandra Parke, Memory Services Team; and Tracey McGuigan, 4 South, Craigavon Area Hospital