Electricity bills to fall with price drop

A LOCAL Assemblywoman has welcomed the Power NI announcement of a 14.1 per cent cut in electricity prices, which shaves over £80 a year off a typical household’s electricity bills.

Effective from October 1, this price drop is in addition to a new six per cent discount announced by the company for online billing.

This price cut sees Power NI prices below the GB average, below those in the Republic of Ireland and also below the European average.

UUP MLA Jo-Anne Dobson said households will welcome the announcement. “It is only right that when savings are achieved on the wholesale market they are transferred directly to customers.

“It is also good to hear that, as well as a price reduction for domestic customers, businesses and farmers will also benefit from a tariff decrease of roughly 14 per cent.

“The present economic climate has placed considerable pressure on households and a price reduction will bring welcome relief.”

Stephen McCully, Managing Director of Power NI, said, “We’ve listened to our customers and we know that great service and better value are more important than ever. So we’re delighted to introduce this price reduction.

“This price cut sees our customers benefiting from lower world fuel costs and savings from our increased efficiencies. So that’s why, with Power NI, you can be assured of better value and great service.

“I would like to thank our 675,000 customers for continuing to make us their number one choice and to welcome the thousands of customers coming back to Power NI.”

Lower fuel prices, particularly coal and gas and a reduction in the cost of carbon, along with Power NI increased efficiencies, have all contributed to the reduction.