Election posters theft and vandalism reported to police

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Sinn Fein Westminster candidate John O’Dowd has said the theft and destruction of his election posters in and around Banbridge has been reported to the PSNI as a hate crime.

Mr O’Dowd said: “We will not be deterred from delivering our message in any part of Upper Bann ,those behind the theft and vandalism of posters need to understand that Sinn Féin will not be retreating from representing our electorate.

“I will be seeking a meeting with the PSNI post-election to advise them that if any of our posters are erected on bonfires in the district we will expect the PSNI to follow this up as a hate crime as well.

In Conclusion Mr O’ Dowd said: “The election will be decided by all the people not those who have been involved in blatant anti democratic and illegal activities.