Prizes handed out at High School Junior Awards

MRS Beverly Burns MBE was the guest of honour as Banbridge High School handed out their end of year awards.

Mrs M Mayne, the Chairperson of the Board of Governors conducted the ceremony while the prizes were handed out by Mrs Burns.

Year 8 Prizes and Full Attendance 2011–2012: 8.1 - Jenny Barbour, 1st; Emma Murphy and Katlin Murphy, 2nd =; Chloe Ewing, 4th =. 8.2 - Eloise Sellwood, 1st; Katie Johnston, 2nd; Ione Jennett, 3rd. 8.3 - Joanna Russell, 1st; Courtney Gibson, 2nd; Jennifer McBride, 3rd. 8.4 - Shannon Munt, 1st; Matthew Burns, 2nd; Hayden Baines, 3rd. 8.5 - Katerina Martin, 1st; Christopher Bennett, 2nd; Gareth Burns, 3rd.

Full Attendance 2011 – 2012: Ethan Bonar, Jamie Flack, Chloe Gardiner, Joel Jardine, Dean McIlvenna, Matthew Neil, Jody Patience, Caiombe Reed, Sam Stewart.

Year 9 Prizes and Full Attendance 2011–2012: 9.1 - Natasha Graham, 1st (Full Attendance), Alana Keery, 2nd (Full Attendance); James Williamson, 3rd. 9.2 - Emily Dickson, 1st; John Buller, 2nd (Full Attendance); Emma Cooke, 3rd (Full Attendance). 9.3 - Sara Adams, 1st; Charlie Jones, 2nd; Emma Magill, 3rd. 9.4 - Oliver Wilson, 1st; Lee Ward, 2nd; Jessica Gilchrist, 3rd. 9.5 - Sophie Finlay, 1st; Scott Thompson, 2nd; Courtney McBurney and Lewis Williamson, 3rd =. 9.6 - Tiegan Parke, 1st (Full Attendance); Thomas Gracey, 2nd; Nathan Barlow, 3rd.

Full Attendance 2011–2012 - Brittany Ashe, Claire Ervine, Catherine McIlwaine, Ryan Patterson, Ryan Stevenson, Aaron Thompson, Josh Toland, Louisa Wetherall, James Wilson.

Year 10 Subject Prizes and Full Attendance: 10.1 - Neil Cherry, Physical Education; Rebecca Cousins, Physical Education; Shantelle Lyness - Careers, Home Economics, ICT,Technology, Full Attendance; Jessica Magill - Music, Religious Education; Chloe Martin - French, Mathematics, Full Attendance; Melissa McCready Shaw - History; Olivia Mehaffey - Citizenship, Geography, Physical Education, Science, Full Attendance; Nicola Moore - English, Geography; Adam Walker - Home Economics; Matthew Wills - Physical Education

10.2: Shannon Buller - Citizenship, Careers, Music, Physical Education, Science, Full Attendance; Christopher Burns - Home Economics; Jamie Chapman - ICT; Leigh McConville - English; Adam McCowan - Mathematics, Physical Education; Jena Redpath - Physical Education; Kristian Russell - Geography, Home Economics, Physical Education; Laura Sergeant - History, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science; Ross Thompson - Physical Education; Jenny Wilson - French, Physical Education; William Wilson - Physical Education, Technology.

10.3: Lauren Buchanan - Physical Education; Samantha Copeland - Physical Education; Thomas Cowan - Careers, Physical Education, Full Attendance; Jamie Cunningham - Mathematics; William Fegan - Physical Education; Andrew Henry - Citizenship, French, Geography, History, Home Economics, Religious Education; Jessica Howard - English, ICT; Dylan Hudson - Technology; Rebecca Laffin - Physical Education; Katherine Lloyd - ICT, Science; Jessica McKay - Physical Education; Elle McKelvey - ICT; Samuel Mount - Home Economics, Physical Education; Marc Neal - Music, Physical Education.

10.4: Zoe Dean - French, Music; Thomas Gilliland - Geography, Physical Education, Religious Education; Lee Jackson - English; Sophie Kerr - Home Economics; Emma Little - History, Mathematics; Rebecca McKenzie - Technology; Rhys Megaw - Citizenship, Physical Education, Science; Ryan Ruddock - Physical Education; Derek Sneddon - Physical Education; Stephen Teggart - Home Economics, Physical Education; Chloe Weir - ICT, Full Attendance.

10.5 - Max Buller - Physical Education; Nathan Dunlop - Physical Education; Chloe Fry - Home Economics; Adam McGivern - Physical Education, Technology; Thomas Millar - History, Full Attendance; David Potts - Science; Dylan Roberts - Careers; Claudia Scott - English, French, Geography, Home Economics, ICT, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education. Jayne Weir - Citizenship.

10.6 - Adam Corbett - Home Economics, Physical Education; Leah Dunlop - Citizenship, Physical Education; Steven Flanaghan - Careers, History, Physical Education, Science, Technology; Jonathan Graham - Mathematics, Music; Andrew Hewitt - French, Geography, Home Economics, Religious Education, Full Attendance; Alan Lay - English, ICT; Ross McKnight - Physical Education; Tyrone Robinson - Music; Matthew Stevenson - Physical Education.

FULL ATTENDANCE 2011 – 2012 - Lewis Houston, Taylor Hoey, Jack McColl, Nicole Murray, Joseph Nicholl, Lucy Smith, Bethany Thompson.

AWARDS: Junior Scripture Union Bible - Chloe Martin; European Studies Project Junior Programme 2011-2012 - Lauren Robinson and Ross Kinley (Representing 10.1).

SPORTS AWARDS: Netball Player of the Year - Jenny Wilson; Football Player of the Year - Lewis Houston; Junior Rugby Player of the Year - Adam McCowan; Girls Hockey Cup (Junior Player of the Year) - Jenny Wilson; Junior Female Athlete of the Year - Shannon Buller; Junior Male Athlete of the Year - William Wilson/

SUBJECT CUPS: Boys Choir Cup - Josh Toland; Girls Choir Cup - Chloe Gibson; Orchestra Cup - Bethany Thompson; Nicola Mayne Music Cup - Chloe Ferris, Chloe Trimble; Junior Boys PE - Adam McCowan, William Wilson; Junior Girls PE - Jenny Wilson; Junior Science Cup - Jessica Magill; Junior French Trophy - Andrew Hewitt (100% in June exam for the last two years); Junior Mathematics Cup - Jessica Magill; Technology Cup - Shannon Buller; Year 9 Creative Writing - Shauna Carey; Drama and Journalism Cup - Alana Keery

Creative Writing Class Prizes: 10.1 - Lucy Smith; 10.2 - Sophie McCready; 10.3 - Andrew Henry; 10.4 - Rebecca McKenzie; 10.5 - Donna Close; 10.6 - Andrew Hewitt.

Karen Kincaid/Cochrane Memorial Shield (Junior Home Economics) - Chloe Gibson; Home Economics Cup for progress and effort - Claudia Scott; Geography Cup (Year 9) - Emily Dickson; Geography Cup (Achievement at KS3) - Rebecca Cousins; Improvement in Geography at KS3 - James Curry; Art and Design Rosebowl - Jessica Howard; Photography Cup - Lucy Smith; Junior ICT Cup - Jamie Chapman; History Shield - Shantelle Lyness; Currie History Cup (consistent effort and contribution at KS3) - Chloe Gibson; Junior Religious Education Shield - Jessica Magill; Charity Cup (raised almost £300 between Children in Need and Action MS) - Tiegan Parke.

PRESENTATION OF NEW AWARD by Mrs Beverly Burns MBE - Laura Sergeant

SPECIAL AWARDS: McKelvey Cup(special achievement) - Andrew Hewitt; Progress and Effort at KS3 - Leah Dunlop; Year 8 Jubilee Shield - Jenny Barbour; Year 9 Jubilee Shield - Josh Toland; Year 10 Jubilee Shield - Emma James; Junior Cup for Diligence - Jessica Magill; Nicola Mayne Memorial Shield - Shantelle Lyness.