Prizes handed out at High School

BANBRIDGE High School held their Senior Prize Night on Thursday past in the company of former school principal, Mr Ian Russell.

Mr Russell was the guest of an honour and handed out the prizes in a ceremony conducted by school principal Mr Andrew Bell and Mrs Margaret Mayne, Chairperson of the school’s Board of Governors.

Prizewinners were as follows:

YEAR 11 SUBJECT PRIZES AND FULL ATTENDANCE: Nadine Anderson - English; Stuart Armstrong - Full Attendance; Matthew Beck - Mathematics; Emily Buller - Business Studies, Physical Education; Kristopher Camblin - Mathematics; Colin Cardwell - Technology; Gemma Cargin - ICT, Physical Education, Religious Education; Ashleigh Clayton - Music; Sarah Cooke - English; Adam Copes - Physical Education; Josh Coyle - Geography, Physical Education; Alastair Crawford - Kitchen and Larder; Ben Cross - Business Studies, Business Communication Systems, Physical Education; Jill Curry - ICT, Physical Education; Shannon Currie - English, Mathematics; Hannah Dillon - Geography, Religious Education, Science; Kathryn Ervine - French; Joshua Graham - Art and Design; Rebekah Graham - Physical Education.

YEAR 11 SUBJECT PRIZES AND FULL ATTENDANCE: Alwyn Gregg - Business Studies, Business Communication Systems, ICT; Neville Gregg - Business Communication Systems; Gareth Hillen - ICT, Physical Education; Jonathan Johnston - Religious Education; Natalie Joy - Mathematics; Jennifer Loughlin - Music; Dan McCready - Physical Education, Full Attendance; Sam McCready - Art and Design, English Literature, Geography, Mathematics, Science; Ruth McCrum - Geography, Physical Education; Olivia McDowell - Business Studies; Sarah McDowell - Child Development, Music, Science; Dale McMullan - Physical Education; Karl Massey - Business Studies, ICT; Luke Mehaffey - Geography, History; Rebekah Moore - French; Callum Penn - Technology; Kelly Scott - English, Religious Education.

YEAR 11 SUBJECT PRIZES AND FULL ATTENDANCE: Matthew Smyth - Art and Design, Physical Education; Kyle Sneddon - Religious Education; Angelika Staszewska - Art and Design; Matthew Teggart - ICT, Physical Education; David Thompson - French, History; Hayley Thompson - English Language, French, Geography, Home Economics, ICT, Religious Education; Niall Truesdale - Mathematics; Sarah Watson - ICT, Physical Education, Science; Jillian Wilson - Mathematics, Physical Education; Kirsty Wilson - English; Ursula Wilson - French.


SUBJECT CUPS: Achievement in Geography (at Key Stage 4) - Heather Wilson; GCSE Religious Education Cup - Gordon Winchester; GCSE Short Course Religious Education Bible - Ryan Chapman; Religious Education Entry Level Bible - Nicole Mount; Science – Single Award - Lauren Stoops; Science – Double Award - Heather Wilson; Business Studies Cup - Emily Quinn; Home Economics (Entry Level) - Chelsea Ward; Home Economics Entry Level Prize for Progress and Effort - Alison Kinnin; Music Cup for Excellence - Matthew McNicholl, Emily Quinn, Daniel Runciman; Local Study History Cup (GCSE Coursework) - Danna Herron; Senior Mathematics Cup - Heather Wilson; Learning For Life and Work at KS4 - Rebecca Dickson; Senior Special Cup (For Achievement) - Roberta Lecky; Senior Shield for Progress and Effort - Richard Moneypenny.

EXTRA CURRICULAR AWARDS: Jilly Mowbray Cup for Netball - Hannah Speers; Senior Rugby Trophy (Player of the Year) - Johnny McCreery; Senior Girls’ Hockey - Rebecca Dickson; Football Player of the Year - Sam McCready; Female Athlete of the Year - Heather Wilson; Male Athlete of the Year - Dan McCready; Senior Photography Cup - Kevin Acton; Scripture Union Bible - Sam Taylor; Inter–House Academic Shield - Yeats, house captains Jill Curry and Matthew Teggart; Millennium Cup for House Sport: Crozier, house captains Jillian Wilson and Gareth Hillen.

GCSE/BTEC/OCCUPATIONAL STUDIES/ENTRY LEVEL, CERTIFICATES and FULL ATTENDANCE: Kevin Acton, Jane Anderson, Christopher Avery, Jade Baines, William Baird, Mark Ball, Harry Bell, Charlotte Bennett, Becky Bird, Aaron Blakely, Abbie Blakely, Sydney Bradley, Oliver Briggs, George Burns, Ryan Burns, Anastasia Carastefan, Lauren Chambers, Ryan Chapman, Nathan Copes, Natalie Cree, Katie Cromie, Kathryn Dale, Michael Dale, Megan Davies, Gary Dawson, Rebecca Dickson, Kyle Emerson, Stuart English, Rebekah Ervine, Nikita Falconer, Christopher Ferguson, Jason Gillespie, Alex Gordon, Daniel Gordon (full attendance), Ryan Graham, Li He, Danna Herron, William Heslip, Sarah Hughes, Danielle Hunter, Chloe Irwin, Matthew Jardine, Adam Johnston, Mark Johnston, Nadia Johnston, Adam Kelly, Issac Kelly, Megan Kelly, Lauren Kelly Orr, Holly Kerr, Holly Kerr, Alison Kinnin, Jason Lamont, Roberta Lecky, Emma Liggett, Jody Lyness, Danielle Magill, Hannah Mallaghan, Stuart Mallen, Rebecca Martin, Matthew Matchett, Stephen Mateer, Julia McAnespie, Thomas McCallister, Ross McCauley, Jordan McCracken, Andrew McCready, Matthew McCreary, Johnny McCreery, Matthew McCrum, Lee McCullough, William McCusker, Joshua McKenzie, Matthew McNeilly, Matthew McNicholl, Matthew McQuaid, Matthew Megaw, Adam Moffett, Richard Moneypenny, Nicole Mount (full attendance), Rebecca Murphy, Tiffany Murray, Reece Osborne, Megan Parker, Emily Quinn, Rebekah Rogers; Stuart Ross; Steven Ruddock; Daniel Runicman; Christopher Scott; Christopher Shanks; Samantha Shaw; Hannah Speers; Andrew Stewart; Timothy Stewart; Lauren Stoops; Stephanie Tait; Jack Taylor; Sarah Taylor; Adam Todd; Amy Walker; Chelsea Ward; Jack Ward; Michael Ward; Lauren Weir; Mark Weir; Shannon Weir; Alison Willis; Ellie Wilson; Heather Wilson; Gordon Winchester; Myles Wright.

Banbridge Area Learning Community Top Students: BTEC Countryside and Environment - Matthew McCrum (Distinction); BTEC Engineering - Richard Moneypenny (Distinction); BTEC ICT - Stephanie Tait (Distinction); BTEC Media - Lauren Chambers (Merit); BTEC Retail - Megan Parker (Distinction*).

PRESENTATION OF NEW AWARDS: Occupational Studies Carpentry and Joinery Cup (presented by the Technology Department and presented Mr Murray, Head Of Technology) - Andrew Stewart; Area Learning Community, Top Retail Student (presented by Banbridge Area Learning Community by Mr Megarity from Southern Regional College) - Megan Parker; Banbridge High School Student with the highest result in a course run through the Area Learning Community (presented by Bank of Ireland by Mr McElroy, Manager of Bank of Ireland Banbridge) - Andrew Stewart; BTEC - Megan Parker.

YEAR 13 GCE / AS SUBJECT CERTIFICATES - Laura Bailey - Double Award Applied Business Studies; Tina Brush - BTEC Level 3 Sport; James Gibson - History, ICT, Media; Esther Hewitt - Biology, Geography, Sociology; Kirsty McAvoy - Mathematics; Olivia Martin - Single Award Health and Social Care; Rebecca McCrory - Double Award Health and Social Care; Rebecca Turner - Art and Design; Dillon Wilson - BTEC Level 3 Engineering.

YEAR 14 GCE CERTIFICATES in APPLIED BUSINESS, APPLIED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, APPLIED HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE: Victoria Baird - GCE Double Award in Applied Health and Social Care, GCE Applied Information Technology; Nicole Bennett - GCE Double Award in Applied Health and Social Care, GCE Applied Information Technology; Amy Gibson - GCE Double Award in Applied Health and Social Care, GCE Applied Information Technology; Taylor Rae Hamilton - GCE Double Award in Applied Health and Social Care; Stephanie Henry - GCE Applied Information Technology; Gemma Lowe - GCE Double Award in Applied Health and Social Care, GCE Applied Information Technology; Emma McCrum - GCE Double Award in Applied Business Studies; Laura Jayne Simms - GCE Double Award in Applied Business Studies, GCE Applied Information Technology; Julie Thornton - GCE Double Award in Applied Business Studies, GCE Applied Information Technology; Hollie Topping - GCE Double Award in Applied Health and Social Care, GCE Applied Information Technology; Rebecca Wilson - GCE Double Award in Applied Business Studies, GCE Applied Information Technology.

YEAR 14 CERTIFICATES FOR PROGRESS AND EFFORT: Applied Business Studies - Julie Thornton; Applied Information Technology - Rebecca Wilson; Applied Health and Social Care - Hollie Topping.

YEAR 14 CUPS: GCE Cup for Applied Health and Social Care - Gemma Lowe; GCE Cup for Applied Business Studies - Laura Jayne Simms; I.C.T Cup at Senior Level - Laura Jayne Simms.

SPECIAL AWARDS: PRESENTATION OF NEW AWARD - The George Holmes Memorial Award for English Language (to be presented by Miss Zoe Holmes) - Michael Ward; F B McKee Technology Cup - Steven Ruddock; EDCO Award for Technology and Design - Adam Kelly; EDCO Award for Art and Design - Emily Quinn; Dawson Cup for 3D Art and Design - Rebecca Martin; Tommy Thompson Memorial Shield (Achievement in Art and Design at Senior Level) - Ellie Wilson; Tommy Thompson Memorial Bursary - Hannah Mallaghan, Matthew McCreary; Russell Memorial Prize for Art and Design - Rebecca Murphy; Russell Memorial Prize for English - Matthew McNicholl; Senior Creative Writing - Hannah Speers; Elliott Cup (English Literature at KS4) - Katie Cromie; McCullough Cup (Contribution to School Magazine) - Rebecca Dickson, Amy Walker; Noel Malcolmson Trophy (for Child Development) - Becky Bird; Child Development progress and effort award - Abbie Blakely; Karen Kinkaid/Cochrane Memorial Shield (for senior Home Economics) - Matthew McCreary; Maurice Clarke Prize for Mathematics - Amy Walker; Geoffrey Lennon Trophy (Most Improved Musician) - Kyle Emerson, Lauren Stoops; Hoey Trophy for Music - Rebecca Murphy, Christopher Shanks; Pipe Band Association Trophy - Chloe Irwin; Glenn McKnight Cup (interest and Enthusiasm in Science) - Alison Kinnin; Laverty Cup for Girls PE - Heather Wilson; Hobbs Cup for Boys’ PE - Johnny McCreery; Miss Bell Cup (highest marks in GCSE PE) - Heather Wilson; NIAVAC Trophy for French - Matthew McNicholl; Shannon Trophy (Business Studies at KS4) - Stephen Mateer; Gary Osborne Memorial Cup for ICT - Hannah Mallaghan; Best Overall KS3 Results - Alex Hillis; Senior Form Cup (Top GCE Results) - Laura Jayne Simms; Principal’s Cup for Diligence (Top GCSE Results) - Heather Wilson; Steven McKnight Award (Outstanding Effort and Progress) - Li He; Alan Radcliffe Cup (for Special Achievement) - Alison Kinnin; Shield of Honour - Heather Wilson.