‘Nursery school placing system clearly broken’

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Upper Bann TUV Chairman Roy Ferguson says the system used to award nursery school places is “clearly broken.”

He said he was aware of “numerous cases” in the local area of “disappointed and angry parents whose children have been unable to obtain a place at their local nursery school.”

Mr Ferguson pointed the finger at the financial priorities of Education Minister John O’Dowd.

“Funding is urgently required to enable more parents and their children to avail of this vital service,” he said.

“I realise that when budget cuts are happening that certain services may suffer, but when you consider the funds being pumped in to Irish language schools it is clear that the Sinn Fein Education Minister has clearly got his priorities wrong.

“It seems he would rather waste funds on a select few than serve the needs of the whole population.

“Many hard working families feel aggrieved that the system awarding nursery school places is stacked against them in favour of others. The system is clearly broken. “