Laughter builds friendships

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LISTEN very carefully and you will hear children, young people and adults laughing throughout the Banbridge District area - and it’s catching!

Over the next six months Beam Creative Network from Donaghmore will bedelivering a range of schools, youth and public programmes using drama, art, creative writing, film and theatre performances to explore sectarianism, racism and good relations through comedy.

Kathryn O’Neill, Manager of Beam Creative Network said “We are delighted to be delivering this free programme throughout the district.

“People in Northern Ireland have a great sense of humour, so it is great to be using laughter to reach out to all age groups to address a wide range of issues.

“We are also delighted that Olivia Nash of Give My Head Peace fame will be working with us to deliver comedy/drama workshops in Banbridge, Rathfriland, Dromore and Gilford in the coming months.”

Pamela Matthews, Head of Community Services with the Council added, “We are delighted that this innovative Programme has started to roll out across the district and hope that many young people will benefit from participating in it.”